The building industry is transforming, and once considered outdated, wood is returning. Builders, architects, and industry leaders recognize its beauty and versatility across various sectors, including construction, infrastructure, and society.

For too long, innovation in wood modification technology has been stagnant. Processes and output no longer meet the modern sustainable requirements that have become essential to most modern families' lifestyles. But that's all about to change.

We embarked on a journey to develop modification technologies that enhance resistance and durability without compromising wood's natural integrity. We created a solution that exceeds all expectations through a relentless pursuit of scientific progress and an unwavering commitment to our vision. Our next-generation wood modification technology is the solution that every industry has been looking for.

With a reduced lead time, a lower CO2 footprint, and high-performing, beautiful wood that is readily available, we are ushering in a new era of wood technology that not only improves the way the wood is used in society in general but also makes a positive impact by reducing the use of chemicals and preserving natural resources.

Welcome to a new era of wood modification technology, where innovation meets sustainability and beauty and durability coexist.