Our Difference

Thermally Modified Wood

Good, made better.

By continuously developing modified wood technology, we are making wood the next-generation material of choice. Our products are good by nature, but we enhance their durability and performance for people and the planet without compromising natural integrity.

Formed By Science

We strive for innovation in wood modification technology, pushing the boundaries of what is possible while preserving our natural resources.

Formed By Function

We're committed to making our wood modification technologies commercially viable and affordable. We understand the importance of commercialization, and we're dedicated to using our expertise to make our high-performing modified wood available to the many, without compromising on quality or sustainability.

Formed By People

We believe in the power and potential of wood to bring beauty, functionality, and durability to the world for generations to come, andto leave a lasting impact on society through sustainable development of infrastructure.

Formed By Nature

We believe in the unity of technology and nature, creating a balance that allows for both beauty and durability in wood.

Innovative Technology

KLAASWOOD uses an innovative, 2nd generation hydrolysis technology that is changing the landscape of thermally modified wood.


2nd generation hydrolysis allows a larger breadth of species modification, providing a deeper range of colors and improved aesthetics.


The improved process allows wood modification to be achieved with lower temperatures, which is less stressful on the wood and results in a stronger, more stable product.


The enhanced durability allows KLAASWOOD to be certified at Class 1 durability, the highest available class that extends the warranty to 20 years.


The 2nd generation process requires less energy, lowering KLAASWOOD’s carbon footprint and its impact on the environment.


The 2nd generation technology allows for lower production costs, which are passed on to our clients.


KLAASWOOD sources and manufactures all of its wood locally in the US, allowing us to provide faster service and larger volumes.