Generation 2 Hydrolysis

Welcome to a New Era of Wood Modification Technology

With a reduced lead time, a lower CO2 footprint, and high-performing, beautiful wood that is readily available, we are ushering in a new era of wood technology that not only improves the way the wood is used in society in general but also makes a positive impact by eliminating the use of chemicals and preserving natural resources.

Welcome to a new era of wood modification technology, where innovation meets sustainability and beauty and durability coexist.

What is Thermally Modified Wood?

Thermally modified wood is real wood fiber which is modified to change the "unagreeable" properties of wood. It is modified through heat technology, eliminating the need for environmentally harmful biocides. 

Real Wood. Made Better.

Through modification, wood's natural tendencies to seek out water, mold, rot and fungi is changed on a molecular level to eliminate the common concerns (water intrusion, mold, rot, fungi) of utilizing wood in the lumber industry. 

What Are the Current Technologies?

There are three current wood modification technologies:

Generation 1:

  • Pyrolysis (high heat & steam)
  • Thermohydrolysis (high heat, steam & low pressure)

Generation 2 (KLAASWOOD):

  • Hydrolysis (high pressure & low heat)

What Makes Generation 2 Superior?

KLAASWOOD uses an innovative, proprietary 2nd generation hydrolysis technology that is changing the landscape of thermally modified wood.


2nd generation hydrolysis allows a larger breadth of species modification, providing a deeper range of colors and improved aesthetics.


The improved process allows wood modification to be achieved with lower temperatures, which is less stressful on the wood and results in a stronger, more stable product.


The enhanced durability allows KLAASWOOD to be certified at Class 1 durability, the highest available class that extends the warranty to 20 years.


The 2nd generation process requires less energy, lowering KLAASWOOD’s carbon footprint and its impact on the environment.


The 2nd generation technology allows for lower production costs, which are passed on to our clients.


KLAASWOOD sources and manufactures all of its wood locally in the US, allowing us to provide faster service and larger volumes.

Generation 2 Hydrolysis is the Only Modification Process to Meet Durability Class 1 Performance

At KLAASWOOD, achieving Durability Class 1 was not just a goal; it's a standard we proudly uphold in our commitment to excellence. Through meticulous craftsmanship and careful selection of premium materials, we ensure that our wood products surpass industry standards and withstand the test of time. Our rigorous quality control measures, combined with innovative treatment processes, enhance the natural durability of our wood, making it impervious to weathering, moisture, and decay.