Superior Durability. Zero Chemicals.

Superior Performance, Without The Use of Chemicals.

As a builder, architect, or homeowner - you are looking for exterior product choices that enhance your home’s value through elevated design and durability while simultaneously providing functionality and peace of mind for both now, and generations to come. 

KLAASWOOD is the sustainable, biocide-free siding and decking product of choice. KLAASWOOD, Thermally Modified Wood, provides the highest-level durability rating, along with a 20-year warranty, ensuring your siding and decking stay strong and beautiful for years to come.

What makes KLAASWOOD, Thermally Modified Wood, so durable?

KLAASWOOD uses an innovative, proprietary 2nd generation hydrolysis modification technology. Utilizing lower temperatures through the process allows KLAASWOOD to retain the natural strength properties of real wood, allowing for a more dense and durable final product. All without the use of environmentally harmful chemicals and biocides.

How Do We Achieve Durability Class 1?

Through an extensive review of existing research, our analysis has revealed a robust correlation between Equilibrium Moisture Content (EMC) and Durability Performance, a standard measure in our industry and practical for quality assessment during manufacturing. Lower EMC levels in modified wood are linked to superior durability performance. 

Based on rigorous laboratory testing involving 900 specimens from five different species, we conducted data analysis and presented our findings at the 11th European Workshop on Thermally Modified Timber in the spring of 2023. Our study demonstrates with high statistical significance that an EMC level at or below 6 results in the highest durability performance, reaching Durability Class 1.

We are proud to confirm that all KLAASWOOD products meet the EMC standard of being at or below EMC = 6, as assessed using our established sampling and preparation procedure.

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